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The Church Without a Name by Kathleen Lewis

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About the Author

Kathleen's family has had an active part in this fellowship since the early 1900's, her great grandparents having the first convention grounds on Prince Edward Island and with multiple workers on both sides of the family. She and her husband professed until 1988 when they became aware that the workers' teachings were unbiblical.

After the book was first released in 1990, Kathleen received letters and phone calls from all over the world, giving her a much better and bigger perspective of how the workers treat people and the way the doctrines and rules have impacted families and personal lives.

Since attending a strong Bible teaching church for 16 years Kathleen has learned many more things about the differences between the workers' teaching and Christian doctrines and practices.

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Additional information regarding the author and her relationship with this fellowship will be forthcoming.